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Delivery Management Solution for Businesses

Courier Gateway for SMEs and Individuals. Access multiple courier services at a go, integrate Saddle to your online and offline business, and enjoy access to multiple courier options with all the tools required for tracking, payment and reconciliation

Features that makes the difference


Simple API integration to get access to multiple couriers


Tools to manage all aspects of your delivery


Solutions for PoD, CoD, card acceptance and B2B Payment

Manage Deliveries, Payment and Customers

With Saddle, you have a platform to manage your logistics business end-to-end while you can focus on what truly matters – getting shipments to your customers. Tracking, Payment, Settlement, Reconciliation and PoD solutions are all embedded – just sign-up and you’re ready to use

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Access Multiple Couriers, Save Time and Money

Integrate with Saddle to access multiple leading courier services and provide reliable delivery services to your customers at affordable prices. Leverage our PoD service to receive money from your customer at delivery, and we will process your settlement promptly. With one simple contract, you can leverage services of up to (4) courier companies once you register


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A delivery with Saddle provides the peace of mind that has been lacking in the market. You can track your package, with all the information about the courier and agents bring your parcel. You can see the estimated delivery time and options for payment if required. You can call the Saddle helpdesk for any question pertaining to the courier or your package and we will be there to provide you with answers

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